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Photos of Ruben

Here are some photos of Ruben’s birth, I also included some of Jacques, he is now 3 and a half years old.

Over protective? – I dont think so!

We were at a family get together this weekend and there was a lot of tension, again. There’s a long history behind this, but I wont go into the details now. As we arrived I saw that there were two bowls of chips on the table, and of course Jacques saw this too, and headed straight for the table. My husbands aunt asked if he could have any and I told her unfortunately not. He had had a large piece of savory bread on the way there and I had bolused him for that already. She only heard what she wanted to and gave him a chip none the less. But it didnt stop there. Whenever someone went to get a chip they’d give him one, and the aunt would say (jokingly), no dont give him that his mom will hit us.

Now, my first problem is that they gave him the chips even after I said he couldnt have any. (I had to bolus him again for the chips he had).

And my second problem, which is the bigger one, I’m the mommy, I know what’s best for him, I’m the one making sure his blood glucose doesnt go sky high which can result in him going into a coma. And she made me feel like a monster, like I was just being mean for not wanting him to have some chips.

I was so upset afterwards, my husband said that we were never going to his aunts home again.

Am I being an over protective neurotic mother? Even if I am, I am solely responsible for my sons health and I wont apologize for wanting to keep him safe (and alive).

Making lemonade from lemons

Making lemonade

Making lemonade

My lemon tree is full of luscious fruit…

just ripe for the pickin!

It’s humbling when your time and effort by blogging actually inspires others. This morning I was nominated for the “Lemonade Award” by I am thrilled and also touched that someone recognized our struggle and our triumphs in my post,

I am inspired by the many who share their story by writing or through their art within this community. They are givers. I’m constantly amazed. I am passing this award nomination along to those who have touched me, made me laugh and/or “wowed” me. Thank you!

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Some family photos

Here are some photos of our family before Ruben was born (a month ago), I will add some photos of Ruben as soon as possible.

Jacques's first birthday


This last picture was taken on Jacques’s first birthday, his grandparents are also in the photo.

Jacques’s other health issues

I thought I’d update you a bit on Jacques’s other health issues.

Along with the type 1 diabetes he also has cfc syndrome.  This stands for Cardio-facio-cutaneous syndrome. You can read more about this syndrome at

What is Cardiofaciocutaneous (CFC) syndrome?

CFC syndrome is a rare genetic condition that typically affects the heart (cardio-), facial features (facio-) and skin (cutaneous).  It is seen with equal frequency in males and females and across all ethnic groups.  Children with CFC syndrome may have certain features that suggest the diagnosis, such as relatively large head size, down-slanting eyes, sparse eyebrows, curly hair, areas of thickened or scaly skin, and small stature.   Most will also have a heart defect.

In Jacques’s case he has the following symptoms:

An ASD (Atrial septum defect – hole in his heart)

Large head, low set ears, down-slanting eyes, curly hair, small ear and nose canals.

He also gets ill very easily, and this of course wreaks havoc with his sugars.

He was also on oxygen at home till he was 3 years old.

He is not walking yet, but is very near, he is walking with help.  He is also not talking yet.  He gets occupational and speach therapy once a week.

But even with all of these health challenges, he is still the sweetest and kindest little boy, and we love him to bits!

Type 1 Diabetes – blessing in disguise?

Now I know many people reading this heading will think I’ve gone mad.  Dont get me wrong, I would not wish this disease on anyone, but some good has come from it.

I will admit that before Jacques was diagnosed, we werent living the most healthy lifestyle.  But since his diagnosis this had to change, whether we liked it or not.  And believe me, at first this was a huge struggle.  Now, however we eat more healthily and we try to stick to a low GI diet.

Another blessing in disguise – we have learned a lot.  I now read the labels on food products, and actually understand what I’m reading!  I also know the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.  Before, I always thought this was the same disease, but it is most definitely not!  The biggest difference between the two types is that type 2, generally, is caused by a sedentary, and unhealthy lifestyle.  Whereas type 1 is not caused by anything the child (or the mother) has done.  You have to have a genetic predisposition.

Another thing I have learned is patience, and lots of it!  When Jacques seems to be naughty, I cannot be cross with him before I have tested his blood sugar.  More often than not, something will be wrong – either a high blood glucose, or low.  And I can most definitely not be angry with him for something he did wrong if his blood glucose is the cuase.

These were just some of the “blessings” this aweful disease has brought us.  I guess I’m living my life according to the philosophy that every cloud has a silver lining.